Mark Adam Harold, also known as Mark Splinter, is running for City Council in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Here’s ten more good reasons to vote for him, and yet another appeal for citizenship.

If it’s getting boring for reading about how he doesn’t have citizenship then just give him citizenship.


Markas yra imigrantas

Mark understands what it is like to be an inhabitant, not a citizen, and he is a minority, not a majority. The City Council should care for all the people who live in and visit Vilnius. Mark will be keeping an eye on that. An international city needs an international attitude.


Markas yra muzikantas

Mark has played music all his life and now loves to find and distribute new talent. He came to Lithuania because of music, and he even went to Afghanistan to find music. That’s nice.
One of the songs he made was a parody of sexist hiphop but unfortunately it’s his most popular song. However, the song is about how lovely Lithuanian girls are, so it’s kinda patriotic and it’s probably one of the reasons Mark should get dual citizenship.

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Markas moka šaudyti

Mark learnt how to shoot in school, he was a marksman and instructor. He knows how serious guns are, and he doesn’t want to see Vilnius full of cowboys and gangsters, but, for city defence it seems a pretty good time for more people to have a gun, or at least know how to use one.


Markas groja kriketą

Cricket is a game for hard people who are brilliantly intelligent, like baseball-chess, it’s the best game ever invented. Mark had the pleasure of scoring for the Lithuanian national team against Poland. So Mark is technically an international sportsman and he should probably get dual citizenship.


Markas yra plaukimo mokytojas

Mark taught swimming in the UK when he was younger. He has shown hundreds of children how to swim. Cute, right? And seeing as Ruta Meilutytė trained in the UK, it seems only fair to give Mark dual citizenship.


Markas yra avinas

Mark doesn’t believe in horoscopes, but he is like an Aries anyway. This is a good reason to vote for him because it means he is bold, fair, and he trusts his instincts. He trusted his instincts ten years ago when he chose Vilnius, now his instincts say that people want a different kind of politician to be somewhere on the Council, a politician who isn’t even a politican. He’s not even a citizen.


Markas megsta alų

Even though he is vegetarian, Mark at least likes beer, especially Lithuanian beer, which is the Lithuanian second national liquid (first place: rain), and that means Mark is patriotic and should probably get dual citizenship.
He also likes rain because it turns into beer.


Markas yra geekas

He doesn’t program computers any more, but he did get a computer when he was five years old and programmed for the next 20 years. He worked in the dotcom boom and understands the internet, and he has strong views in favour of creators’ rights, to give creators and comsumers some kind of marketplace, because markets are good.
Mark exports digital Lithuanian music which is a pretty heroic thing to do, and he should probably get dual citizenship.


Markas yra lojalus

Mark has been in Vilnius for ten years and didn’t even leave when the crisis hit and the European Culture Capital project did all that absurd stuff and money flew around for no reason.
Mark loves Vilnius and wants the city to grow healthily, and he wants to help Remigijus Šimašius to make that happen.


Markas nori pilietybės

In case you didn’t notice, Mark would love to have dual British-Lithuanian citizenship, but he knows perfectly well that it’s almost impossible, because of the rigid Constitution. Anyway the difficulty of getting dual citizenship doesn’t stop him feeling like he wants it, and he also wants dual citizenship to be offered to all European Union citizens who choose to build Lithuania. It’s a Lithuanian tradition.

Vote for #19 on the Liberalų Sąjūdis list. Because reasons.

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