Mark Adam Harold, also known as Mark Splinter, is running for City Council in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Here’s ten good reasons to vote for him.


Markas yra neperkamas

Mark has his own money, he is not a career politician, and he has no interest in giving or receiving bribes for anything.


Markas yra Vilnietis

Mark was born in the UK, he had no previous family connection to Lithuania, but he has been living permanently and happily in Vilnius for ten years, and he calls it home.
His property, company, tax authority and pension are Lithuanian.
He speaks Lithuanian every day and conducts his business with Lithuanian contracts.
He attracts money from foreign countries and spends it in Vilnius.
He loves Vilnius and wants to work for the inhabitants of the city that gave him a new life.
He is a Vilnietis.


Markas yra Europietis

Mark has European citizenship and he uses the four freedoms of the European Union as fully as possible, and defends human rights without exceptions.
He arrived in Lithuania one day before Lithuania joined the EU and NATO, and European unity was one of the main reasons he was interested in Vilnius.
He is proud to have served as a Flight Lieutenant with the Combined Cadet Force, and he fully supports Lithuania’s right to defend her borders and to receive assistance from all NATO allies.


Markas spyks Engliš

Mark is already a strong promoter of Vilnius to foreigners, and he would love to be a fluent ambassador for the city, in business and in tourism.
Mark received an award in 2006 presented by HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, for entrepreneurship bringing the two countries closer together. Since then he has brought several performers to Lithuania and exported music back to the UK, and he has followers from England who find out about the country via his posts.
Having a British member of the city council would be a big bonus for relations between the rest of Europe and Vilnius, and would generate great publicity for the city. Already his campaign is followed by people all around the world.


Markas supranta verslą

Mark is not a millionnaire, but he runs businesses and supplies other businesses and understands the dynamics of services and customers. This experience will be used in assessing the value and effectiveness of any publicly-funded scheme.
Having worked very hard to comply with regulations in the private sector, he will work even harder to apply them in the public sector.


Markas yra žinomas

From his work in nightclubs and festivals as an organiser and performer (known as “Mark Splinter”), Mark became recognised in Vilnius by many young people.
At the time of the Baltic Pride parade, he started becoming more politically active, and gained a large following on facebook for speaking out about equality and freedom.
He can communicate to this audience and encourage them to campaign for the principles they believe in.


Markas yra kontraversiškas

Nobody gets anywhere without taking risks, and Mark is never afraid to say what he thinks on topics he cares about. He tries to keep quiet about things he doesn’t know about.
Not everybody likes Mark’s style, but some people like it a lot.
Behind the scenes, he is very careful when he posts on facebook, and deletes hate-speech so nothing can get nasty, he blocks boring people too, so it’s more interesting for readers.
It’s obvious that many young people are politically active and respond to Mark’s bold messages, and they want him to be controversial.


Markas yra jaunas

Mark is 36, which is not young enough or old enough to be stupid.


Markas bent šiek tiek studijavo teisę

Mark loves the law enough to study it. He deals with intellectual property contracts all day, and  he is also fascinated by the relationship between democracy and transparency.
If he was elected to the City Council, he would make sure the law is applied equally and properly.
He will also try to prevent stupid new regulations being adopted.
He believes the law should help people, not just punish people.


Markas yra už Remigijų Šimašių

One of the main reasons Mark decided to join the Liberal list is Remigijus Šimašius.
Mark is fully supporting Remigijus to become Mayor and looking forward to living in a city run by a proper Liberal.

Let’s make it happen!

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