It’s always good to see young people fighting for their rights and criticising the government. After seeing all the oppressive legislation coming out of the Lithuanian Parliament since the Peasant Party took control, I was wondering when “the kids” would get angry enough to start singing protest songs.

That’s why I was very happy when my man Tom Bones said that he was recording a rap about cannabis regulation with his mate Basys.

I won’t translate all the lyrics, but the title more-or-less means “nonsense” and the most important line is “Imprison everyone who smokes weed? That’s absurd, so we made a song!”. The chorus goes: “What did you say? Nonsense! Election promises? Nonsense! More delusions? Nonsense! Damn, how far will you go? Nonsense!”

Also they mention MP Aušrinė Armonaitė, one of the only politicians who has been fighting in Parliament for more sensible regulation of narcotics. Big ups, Aušrinė 🙂

I liked the track so much, I made them a video for free.

Here it is 🙂 Enjoy!

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