Beating the system in court

A few weeks before the elections, the Electoral Commission removed me from the list of candidates because of a paperwork error that was caused by their systems and their advice to me. My address registration was somehow not completed. I complained to the Supreme Administrative Court and the Court agreed with me, that I was living in Vilnius, and I had every reason to believe my address registration was OK. I carefully tried to get help from the Electoral Commission, and I honestly followed the instructions I was given, and I was living in Vilnius all the time, even if not fully registered on paper for some reason.

The court set a precedent that the Electoral Commission should solve problems like this at Commission level, looking at higher principles and facts in reality, not only at paperwork and the letter of the law.

The story was reported in English here:

If you are awesome enough to be able to read Lithuanian, the complaint and judgement are here:

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