There’s a burger bar in Vilnius that does naughty advertising campaigns and gets in trouble. It’s called Keule Ruke and you probably know them as the people who did the mural of Trump and Putin kissing.

Recently they were fined by the consumer rights’ protection authorities for offending the Church with an advert depicting a man on a cross with a crown of marijuana leaves.

The decision was taken after consultation with the Church authorities, who unsurprisingly said they are terribly offended and recommended that using religious symbols disrespectfully should be illegal. Or something.

Keule Ruke will be appealing the decision, and they expect the “real court” to overturn the fine for being unconstitutional.

Click here to see Keule Ruke’s official statement

Their defence is that “it’s not the actual Jesus” and it wasn’t an attempt to offend religious people. Well… I am not sure that’s a great argument, but anyway it is very similar to the arguments used by neonazis to justify their use of pseudoswastikas and xenophobic slogans. When neonazis use “not the actual swastika” everyone says it’s freedom of speech, and they are allowed to parade down the biggest street in the city.

But when a restaurant offends the Church with an image of “not the actual Jesus”, they get fined, because that’s different because it’s a restaurant, not a kryptonazi parade? Wow.

So I wrote a Facebook post highlighting this hypocrisy.

Keules Rukes kontekste, nepamirškime kad Lietuvoje svastika yra “tik saulės simbolis”, šūkis “Lietuva lietuviams” nesusiję su teritorijos etniniu valymu, “deginkime visus p*derus” yra “tik nuomonė” neverta policijos dėmesio, skautai heilina kovo 11d prie vėliavos bet tai “tikrai neatrodo kaip nacių saliutas” nes pirštai biški kitokioje pozicijoje. Tuo tarpu bažnyčioje vaikai gali spoksoti į pusnuogio žmogaus egzekucijos statulas kai išmoksta kaip gerti kraują. Ne kraujo simbolį, o kraują. Alkoholinį kraują. #justsaying


In the context of Keule Ruke [the restaurant in Vilnius, Lithuania that was fined for blasphemy] let’s not forget that in Lithuania the swastika is “just a sun symbol”, the slogan “Lithuania for Lithuanians” doesn’t have anything to do with ethnic cleansing, “burn all the f*ggots” is “just an opinion” unworthy of police attention, scouts heil the Flag with outstretched arms on Independence Day but that “totally doesn’t look like a nazi salute” because the fingers are in a slightly different position. Meanwhile in church children can stare at a half-naked man’s execution statuette when they learn how to drink blood. Not symbolic blood, but actual blood. With alcohol in it. #justsaying

Blocked by Facebook

A few hours and 150 likes later, Facebook blocked my account for “attacking people”.

It’s not clear what part of my post was the reason for being blocked, and I don’t know if this is just an automatic robot thing or a real person working for Facebook or a bunch of trolls reporting me, I don’t know if this is just a misunderstanding, and I don’t know why the homophobic and racist posts I have reported were OK but my post was not. Facebook doesn’t tell you that. Unlike in the “real world”, in Facebook there is no appeal.

Anyway, now I can’t use Messenger, so I am going oldskool. Please email me and say “hi Mark!”, so we can keep in touch 🙂 #majakink