Hi. We don’t need everyone in Vilnius to vote for Tas Britas. We need less than one percent, and I’m in.

Maybe they don’t want to let me in, but those are the rules, and there’s thousands of us. Go with your friends to the voting station next year and put my number 19 in the ratings box – and I will literally win the whole thing. It’s a statistical fact.

If you’ve been waiting for the chance to make your vote mean something – Hello!

Nenoriu girtis, bet nothing like this has ever happened before in Lithuanian politics. This is real, and it’s easy to win, if you want. Let’s show them we’re not just “socialiniame tinkle”. Let’s actually vote, and encourage our friends to vote.

We need another thing too:

We need the ambition to become one of the best cities in all of Europe, not just an OK city in Eastern Europe. After we win, there will be a lot of work to do, to break down the old restrictions and to build a simple system that actually helps people to live, work and care for their families. I’m ready for that and I will bring all my experience to the job, if you show me on March 1st that you want to move on from the past.

I’m very proud to live in Vilnius, and I have worked here happily for ten years, but I am not yet satisfied.

Vilnius is only half as awesome as it can be. Vote for me and Remigijus Šimašius – and let’s make the other half happen. Even more people will come from all over the EU to see us, invest in us, and probably also live with us.

That would be so Vilnius.

#naujakarta #letsactuallyvote #markasftw

Mark Adam Harold, Vilnius, 2014